Jersey Airport Information (JER)

Planted in the midst of the English Channel, Jersey Airport (JER) serves as gateway to its namesake island and to a smattering of others. With adequate facilities to suit its small size, Jersey Airport offers direct connections to cities throughout the UK as well as to neighbouring countries in the UK.

Saint Helier, Saint Peter, Jersey
Jersey Airport
Time Zone
049°12'29"N 002°11'44"W

A few thousand tourists and business travellers pass through here each year, and most of the terminals facilities are geared toward tourists with basic needs or a few minutes of free time. This is a single-terminal facility with departures and arrivals relegated to separate wings.

Beyond what's offered in the executive lounge, Jersey Airport doesn't boast any conference or business facilities. Passengers will find plenty in the way of dining and shopping venues in the airport, along with a play area designed for families with children.

Only five miles from St Helier, Jersey Airport is serviced with quick and convenient transportation options. Visitors can choose from public buses, or even private vans supplied by their hotel in some cases. Car rental's a great way to get around the island, especially for those who plan on spending more than a night or two here.

Jersey is a fascinating island with plenty of historical sites. Some visitors take particular interest in the WWII sites, particularly the tunnels, while others are more drawn to island's medieval heritage. The culture draws on English and French traditions, but rolls them into its own unique package. Tourists enjoy beaches, golf courses and excellent seafood.


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