Transport around Jersey Airport (JER)

Jersey Airport (JER) is served by taxis and public buses that provide transport to any part of the island. The rail system has been out of commission for decades, but it isn't really missed as driving is much more practical on this island.

Saint Helier, Saint Peter, Jersey
Jersey Airport
Time Zone
049°12'29"N 002°11'44"W


the Jersey Railway hasn't been in operation since the 1930s. Portions of the old track have been converted into walking paths or otherwise marked, but none of it is used by trains.


public bus number 15 runs regular service between Jersey Airport and St Helier's main bus depot. Service runs from 07:00 until 23:00, as there is no air traffic outside these hours. A fleet of commercial buses also offers transport to all parts of the island, while hotel shuttles are available in some cases. Be sure to plan the latter ahead of time.


inbound passengers will find the taxi stand directly outside the baggage claim area. These are metered taxis that connect to all island sectors. Pre-booked taxis are even more convenient though they cost a bit more.


Jersey Airport is only five miles from St Helier, the main town on the island. It is situated on the western coastline with easy access of the main island highway. Traffic is seldom an issue.

If arriving at Jersey Airport from the east, take the A2 through St Lawrence and then follow the A11 until you have the opportunity to turn left on the B36. From the west, follow the Grand Route Des Mielles and turn on Mont A La Brune, following it until you reach the B36.

Coming from the north, take the B32 to St Peters and turn right on the B36, which is well signposted. Driving from the south requires use of the A13, the B45 or the B44. Each of these connects to northbound B36.


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